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The council was originally formed as Yateley Parish Council in1894, later becoming Yateley Town Council in 1975.  It exists to serve and represent the views of the people of Yateley, Frogmore and Darby Green, providing a channel to express their needs and priorities. It acts as a catalyst for action to improve and enhance the quality of life for those who live, work or visit the town. 

Our funding comes from the precept, a sum of money collected each year through your council tax and rental income from the hire of halls, sports pitches and running the weekly markets etc.

The Council's guiding principles are set out in its Mission Statement and incorporated into the 3 yearly Town Plan. The latest three year plan can be viewed here.

Responsible for the day to day running of the council is the Town Clerk, Rochelle Halliday, who leads a small team of staff who work from an office on Yateley Green. To see the staff organisational chart please click here.


Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm



The Structure of the Council


  • Town Mayor

The position of Town Mayor is non-political. The Town Mayor will act as the Town Council's representative at official events. He or she will act with the authority of, and be responsible to, the Town Council. The position of Town Mayor confers no additional advantages or authority other than the honour of representing the town of Yateley. In the absence of the Town Mayor, the Deputy Town Mayor will carry out all duties normally performed by the Town Mayor.

The current Town Mayor is Councillor Gerry Crisp

The current Deputy Town Mayor is Councillor Robert McSorley

  • Leader of the Council 

The Leader of the Council is a political position which is held by the Leader of the largest political grouping on the Town Council. The position will normally be combined with the role of Chair of the Finance and Policy Committee. The role of Leader of the Council is to establish Town Council policy, with the chairs of the other standing committees and the officers, and to ensure that agreed policies are properly developed.

The current Leader of the Council is Councillor Stuart Bailey

Councillors will..

1. Consult, enable and empower constituents and encourage their participation in community life;

2. Network with local groups and represent the community/Town Council on outside bodies;

3. Represent local people's views about council's policies, services and the needs of the town;

4. Develop the basis for local community plans;

5. Work in partnership with other agencies, e.g. local police, health service, local businesses.

To browse our policy library please click here.

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