Virtual Town Council Meetings

Virtual Town Council Meetings

Virtual Council Meetings during COVID-19

The law has been changed to allow Councils to hold official meetings from a remote platform, such as videoconferencing, during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The Council will be holding virtual sessions for the majority of our forthcoming meetings. Meetings will be held via Zoom and members of the public can join in the meeting by following the instructions below. The meeting will be recorded and will be made available to view online for 3 days following the meeting.

Next Scheduled Virtual Council Meetings

Public Participation for Virtual Meetings

If you would like to take part in the public participation section of the virtual meeting please:

  • Inform the Town Clerk of any question you may have for any item on the agenda before the meeting. The deadline for this will be stated on the agenda. The Council will review any questions during the virtual meeting.
  • You may also join the Zoom meeting by following the instructions above. Please note that your microphone will be active only when you have indicated that you wish to speak during the Open Forum item and muted during the rest of the meeting but you will still be able to see and hear the meeting discussions throughout. Members of the public can comment on any item on the agenda. Any other comments will be only allowed at the Chairman's discretion.
  • The Open Forum section will be limited to 15 minutes in total, as usual.