Council Finances

Expenditure Reports 2021/22

The Council's expenditure is listed on the reports published below (excluding some contractual payments - which are detailed, as approved, in the Council minutes).

- Expenditure Report: April 2021 approved by the Planning & Licensing Committee on 09.04.21, 23.04.21 & 05.05.21


Please note that expenditure reports for previous financial years can be found on the Council minutes page.


External Audit 2020/21

Members of the public may view the Council's unaudited financial records for the financial year ending 31st March 2021 between 14th June and 23rd July 2021. Please see the Notice of Public Rights & Guidance Notes below for more details.


External Audit 2019/20

Our external audit for 2019/20 has concluded.


External Audit 2018/19

Our external audit for 2018/19 has concluded.


External Audit 2017/18

Our External Audit for 17/18 has concluded.


Council Budget

The council recognises that there is a balance between providing quality services and ensuring that the foundation for everything that is undertaken is based on sound finances. In particular there is recognition that wherever possible any increase in the precept should reflect general increases in the cost of living.


2021/22 Financial Year

2020/21 Financial Year

2019/20 Financial Year

2018/19 Financial Year


Asset Register

Year ending 2018/19

Our underlying principles in managing our finances over the next year will be:

1. Unallocated reserves of between 10 –15% of expenditure will be maintained to cover any unforeseen/unexpected costs

2. To ensure that any services taken on or developed will have a cost neutral impact on the budget unless the Town Council decides to employ a higher standard of service.

3. The Town Council will investigate alternative sources of fundraising, where possible.


Parish Basic Allowance

The current Members annual allowance is £552.60, which is paid monthly, through the Town Council's payroll system and is subject to tax.

Councillors currently claiming the allowance in 21/22 are:

Cllr Adrian Collett

Cllr Gerry Crisp

Cllr Fae Fallon

Cllr Mark Griffin

Cllr Bob Harward

Cllr Robert McSorley